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areds staff app

Post by Aredminicreeper on Wed Sep 16, 2015 6:30 pm

Full Name:- Jessica


IGN:- Aredminicreeper


Staff Rank Needed:- i can't build but anythings fine.








Reason for Applying:- to help the server out and there might be spammers so i can mute them and theres alot of staff dis on the server so i can maybe help that out and try to get more players and i'm 16



- i'v ben helper on some servers.. not alot i don't really apply but i know alot of commands. i would like to see the server grow and i would like to help it. i think i can help stop the spammers and people disrespecting each other i would like to make this a good place to be, my mature level from 1 being the lowest i say 7/10 because i like to help people and meet new people and i kind of have anger issues ;P

Hours Put Into Server if Accepted(Must be followed and Honest)

- i can play 2-3h a day

Things About You

- i play soccer.. lol and i like to meet new people and my spelling is bad english 2 hard ;D my skype is jessicaplaysaw

Where & How did you hear about the server? when lennie advertised on M*R


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