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Post by Vexet_PvP on Wed Sep 16, 2015 6:03 pm

Name: Josh Weaver

Ign: Vexet_PvP

Rank: Moderator

Reasons For Apply: I am here to apply because I feel like i can help new people become more intelligent on SwordDistrict And I can be cool under pressure and I wont ever abuse to anyone I Love this server and I want to be a part of staff on my favorite server. And also I am very intelligent with factions and I think I can handle the pressure of Moderator.

Qualifications: Are I had my own server so I know what the people want and I know most of the opped commands.

Hours: Well i Was first on server and I play for more than and 1 and maybe more.

Things About Me: I am a likeable Guy I play on New York Elite 3 best club team I the Nation. I am Very Smart I have A 96.8 Average In Middle School and I am 15 Years Old.

How I found out About the server was: I was On MxR craft and i heard that there was a More balanced Server so I tried It And I love It.

Hi Gio


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