xX_YoloOG_Xx For Staff

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xX_YoloOG_Xx For Staff

Post by ItzYolo21 on Wed Sep 16, 2015 7:21 am

Full Name:-

- Christian Ayllon


- xX_YoloOG_Xx

Staff Rank Needed:-







- I Would won't to be and Mod plus a builder i'm really good at building and have creative buildings. Very Happy

Reason for Applying:-

- Well I think I must be staff because I am very kind, I will do my best to be online the most times, I know good English so that's good for the players, and also I can benefit the community with some ideas. I got one idea: I think that the players when they join the server first time they must get 4000 Cash . Why? Well if they get 4000 Cash they can get resources for their house and some food if they need. Hmm im very mature to handle this staff app and being a staff. Plus i'm not that kind of idiot that just wants staff and never gets on ill actually be on the server. To do my job of being a staff.


- Qualifications idk what u mean with that. But u should add this next to it. (What things will you have in mind?) First i will hopefully make more donates for the server to get more ram and money for the server so it wont go down. Second i will make every glitch on the server working good (For example at ./warp bulk there is a sign with sell raw chicken for 100K+.) Also i will help player and staff member in needed. I won't let a member of the SwordDistrict Down i will help no matter what. (Enless something irl problems happens.) One last thing is to fix every bug  in the Server.

Hours Put Into Server if Accepted(Must be followed and Honest)

- I will put at least 2 - 3 hours for the server.

Things About You

- I'm really kind i am currently 13 years old. I like to play sports. Love pizza and mexican candy. (Yes i'm Mexican) Like traveling. Minecraft and pvping. Favorite server badlion and assembled, SwordDistrict. And not gonna get to personal.

Where & How did you hear about the server?

-I heared of the server from ItssGio an admin and a really good friend.


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Re: xX_YoloOG_Xx For Staff

Post by Admin on Wed Sep 16, 2015 8:15 am

After reviewing your application and abiding by the format rules, Lennie as well as I, have accepted your application. Due to the use or elaborative' formatting, and great writing your application has been accepted.

Viewed by ItssGio,LennieBoi - Accepted


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